Who can do flying trapeze?

Lone Star Trapeze Academy prides itself on providing a safe and enjoyable environment for 99% of people. We cater to a diverse crowd: the young to the young at heart, the fearful to the fearless and the flexible to the inflexible. 

I’m afraid of heights, will I be able to fly trapeze?

This is a very normal fear and one that  a great deal of people have.  Luckily, our highly qualified trapeze instructors will be there every step of the way to guide you and help you feel comfortable about flying.


Will I be wearing a safety belt and safety lines?

Yes, for the safety of the students and the instructors everyone will wear safety belts. The belt will be attached to safety lines that are held by a trained and experienced instructor.

Is flying trapeze safe?

Flying trapeze is very safe. The team at Lone Star Trapeze Academy have more than 25 years experience in flying trapeze and other circus acts. Safety equipment like safety lines, safety net and highly experienced instructors are always used

What if I am not very flexible and don’t exercise regularly?

Flying trapeze surprisingly requires a rather low level of flexibility and physical fitness. Here at Lone Star Trapeze Academy we cater to a wide variety of physiques and capabilities. You will realize during your class that your outcomes are determined less by physical fitness and more by determination and the way the trapeze is set up.

What is your cancellation policy?

We at Lone Star Trapeze Academy understand that things come up beyond your control and we are happy to give you a full refund of your money  if 24 hours notice is given before the commencement of the experience. If less than 24 hours notice is given we reserve the right to process your payment.

Will I be charged for a class that gets stopped because of bad weather?

If the class gets stopped before you make a catch we will move you to the another class of your choosing free of charge.

What happens if my class is cancelled because of bad weather?

We do all  we can to run every class we can, however nobody can control the weather. If Lone Star Trapeze Academy has to cancel your class because of bad weather you will not be charged for the experience and we will do all we can to put you into another class that suits you.

Do I have to be present when my child is in class?

It is not necessary for the parent or guardian to be present the entire class. However if you are unable to attend class with your child, there is a waiver and release form that must be signed by a legal guardian before your child can participate.

How old do I have to be to fly trapeze?

Here at Lone Star Trapeze Academy we recommend that children be at least six years of age to fly. This is our minimum age level because most children have the ability and coordination to learn flying trapeze but some may not have the discipline or attention span to last an entire class. If you are uncertain of your child taking a class at Lone Star Trapeze Academy, please do not hesitate to call us and discuss further.

Is there a weight limit for flying trapeze?

Due to safety reason there is a weight limit of 250 lbs maximum. This is for not only the safety of the instructors but for the safety of the student.

Where can I park my car?

Please park your vehicle in the main parking lot out the front of Cellucor field.  Walk straight in the front gates you will see the Flying trapeze down the right field line.